STAHLWERK CTM-250 ST 4 in 1 welder 200A TIG + MIG + MMA + 50A Plasma cutting

STAHLWERK CTM-250 ST 4 in 1 welder 200A TIG + MIG + MMA + 50A Plasma cutting
STAHLWERK CTM-250 ST 4 in 1 welder 200A TIG + MIG + MMA + 50A Plasma cutting
STAHLWERK CTM-250 ST 4 in 1 welder 200A TIG + MIG + MMA + 50A Plasma cutting

STAHLWERK CTM-250 ST 4 in 1 welder 200A TIG + MIG + MMA + 50A Plasma cutting

Products testing at our company. STAHLWERK CTM-250 ST Combination welder 200A TIG + MIG + MMA + 50A CUT/Plasma. Guaranteed spare parts supply for 10-years.

Our own workshop and repair service. 100% compatible high quality accessories. Over 100.000 satisfied customers in Germany, European Union and Switzerland. We are happy to invite you to test the devices on-site. Our customer service is looking forward to your visit. Visit us soon at various international trade fairs. Our team advices you in various languages such as DE, EN, FR, ES, IT, RU, TR. Video opens in a new window. Important functions & device information at a glance. DC TIG welding - direct current (DC).

Welding of almost all metals, such as steel, stainless steel, copper, brass and many more. Note: Not suitable for aluminium - an AC/DC unit is required. 4 in 1 combination unit - TIG + MIG + MMA / E-Hand welding up to 200A possible and 50 A plasma function. 2T/4T (TIG/MIG) - determines the control of the operating mode and offers extended control over the current flow. In 2T mode, high-frequency (HF) ignition remains active until the button on the torch is released.

In 4T mode, the arc is ignited after pressing and releasing the button once. After pressing and releasing the button again, the ignition is terminated. Gas follow-up (TIG) - protects the tungsten electrode from excessive wear and protects the weld from oxidation. The parameter can be set individually and separately. It specifies how long gas should flow after ignition.

Lightweight & compact design - 14 kg and 450 x 250 x 350 mm. Innovative IGBT transistors save space and weight compared to the old MOSFET technology.

HF ignition (TIG) - enables contactless ignition and ensures a much better welding result. No LIFT ARC, no strike ignition! Highest efficiency & power - single phase AC (230V) powers the unit and allows an output power of real 200 amps.

Attention - Bottle connection: W21,8 x 1/14 - Gas cylinders from the Netherlands and Great Britain may have a different connection! Smart Cooling & Overheat Protection - State-of-the-art technology, built-in overheat protection and high performance cooling allow maximum power to be accessed. TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) - Gas shielded welding with inert/inactive gases such as Argon 4.6 (99.996%). An arc is created between the tungsten electrode and the workpiece in an argon bell.

This melts the material and any filler material that may have been added. A weld seam is formed. MMA electrode welding / ARC welding - a universal welding process. An arc causes the electrode to melt, thus forming the weld seam. Hotstart - Automatic voltage increase at start-up for better ignition results.

Anti-stick - Automatic reduction of the welding current when the electrode sticks, allowing easy removal. MIG/MAG - Metal arc welding with direct current (DC). Welding can be done with inactive/inert MIG, e. Argon or with active MAG, e.

Gas and welding wire come out of the torch head and allow welding work to be carried out with only one hand. Flux-cored wire - all our ST series units can use flux-cored wire. This allows welding without shielding gas. For this purpose, the unit can be reversed particularly easily. Automatic wire feed - the speed of the wire feed is automatically controlled by the welding current set and also by selecting the wire thickness used on the unit.

4 wire drive - reliable and powerful wire feed. Thanks to 4 drive rollers, even thicker wires are continuously and safely conveyed. Current voltage (volts) - variable voltage control to manually adjust the penetration and burn-off of the wire. In this way, the different properties of a wide variety of materials can be acted upon.

Manual wire push-through - no more gas loss or tedious pushing of the wire through. If a new wire roll is to be fed through the tube package, this is done completely automatically with the wire push-through button. Wire reel - Commercially available wire reels from 1kg to 5kg can be processed here. The spool mandrel can accommodate 16mm & 50mm spools.

Wire Drive Reel - By simply changing the drive reel from 0.6mm, 0.8mm & 1.0mm, different wire gauges can be used. Plasma / CUT - A current is used to create a plasma jet that melts the material, which is then removed with compressed air. In this way, all conductive metals such as standard steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminium, titanium and many more can be cut precisely without any effort. Cutting thickness - Depending on the material, cuts of up to 14 mm are possible.

Mild steel ST37 up to 14 mm, V2A or V4A up to 8 mm, aluminium up to 5 mm. Contact ignition - High frequency (HF) contact ignition for first-class ignition behaviour. Cutting current - Stepless adjustment from 15 to 50 A. Air lag - Infinitely adjustable air lag from 3 to 10 seconds to cool the torch and reduce nozzle and electrode wear.

Note : - The unit is not intended for use in residential areas where power is supplied by a public low-voltage power supply system. It may be difficult to ensure electromagnetic compatibility in these areas due to both conducted and radiated interference. WIG / MMA: 10-200 A / MIG: 40-200 A / CUT: 15-50 A. 3,5 - 4 Bar. 230 V AC (+-15%) / 1 (einphasig).

445 x 240 x 345. The combination welder STAHLWERK CTM-250 ST. Professional TIG welding torch "WP-26F" / hose package 4.5 metres (pre-assembled) with flexible torch head and bend protection at gas connection. TIG TIG accessory set 8 pieces: 3 × gas nozzles sizes: 5, 6, 7, 1 × adapter sleeve size 1,6, 1 × adapter sleeve housing size 1,6, 2 × torch caps - one short and one Long - 1 × universal tungsten electrode.

Professional plasma hose package "AG-60/SG-55" 5 metres. Plasma accessory set 3 pieces (this is already pre-mounted on the plasma torch): 1 × plasma nozzle, 1 × plasma electrode, 1 × ceramic cap. Water separator with pressure gauge and Snap-on quick couplings. Connecting hose with snap-on quick couplings from the unit to the water separator, incl. Professional MIG welding torch "AK-15" / hose set 3 metres with Euro central Connection. MIG accessory set 3 pieces (this is already pre-mounted on the MIG/MAG torch): 1 × gas nozzle, 1 × current nozzle 0,8mm, 1 × gas nozzle holder. Gas connection hose with quick coupling 5 metres. Wire guide rollers 0.6 mm & 0.8 mm / 0.8 mm & 1.0 mm / 1.0 mm & 1.2 mm is already built into the unit. Wearing parts set "AG-60" 25-piece (10 plasma nozzles, 10 plasma electrodes, 5 ceramic caps). TIG filler metal steel ER70S-G3 1,6 mm x 500 mm 1 kg. TIG filler metal stainless steel ER307Si 1,6 mm x 500 mm 1 kg. TIG Tungsten welding electrodes 1,6 & 2,4 x 175 mm WL15 gold Thorium free - for steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper each 5 pcs. Wearing parts set "AK-15" 28 pieces 4 x gas nozzles conical pluggable NW 12 mm (length 53 mm / inner diameter 12 mm), 4 x gas nozzle holder, 20 x current nozzles M6 x 25 each 5x Ø 0,6 mm, Ø 0,8 mm, Ø 1,0 mm, Ø 1,2 mm. Wire roll 0,8 mm SG3 1 kg.

Note : Please note that the welding helmet is sent in a separate package. High-quality professional AG-60 plasma hose package with integrated probe protection. Optimal cutting and ignition performance up to 70 A. Thicker hose and more robust wear parts than PT-31.

High quality professional WP-26F TIG hose package with flexible torch head and bend protection at the gas connection. Optimum ignition behaviour up to 200 A. Thicker hose and ergonomic handle. Connection of compressed air hoses in seconds thanks to 3/8 snap-on quick coupling on the unit and water separator. One movement of the hand is enough. On welders, plasma cutter and automatic welding helmets. Details in terms & conditions. You can return the item within 30 days.

We are happy to advise you about our products and service. Matching accessories for this device. Other STAHLWERK devices from this product category. Welder STAHLWERK AC/DC TIG 200 ST with Plas.. CT 550 ST IGBT - DC TIG WELDER with MMA / P..

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STAHLWERK CTM-250 ST 4 in 1 welder 200A TIG + MIG + MMA + 50A Plasma cutting

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